The Best Outdoor Solar Showers for 2024: A Beginner’s Buying Guide

best outdoor solar shower

How would you like access to hot water anywhere and any day – for free, mostly? Through solar showers, which you will pay for upfront, you can enjoy a near-lifetime of hot showers without raising electricity bills.

But the best outdoor solar showers for 2022 are not exactly easy to find among the many products on the market. So, to discover what is best for your needs and budget, we will explore the mechanism behind solar showers or how they work and the factors that make choosing easier.

Then, you will see the practical applications through our reviews of the best solar outdoor showers for 2022.

What are Outdoor Solar Showers?

Solar power can now easily be harnessed anytime you want to take a heated shower. So, a trip to the beach does not have to end with a cold shower, nor does the end of your pool session.

Outdoor solar showers make it happen – you can have a refreshing shower right outside your doorstep at home or in the Grand Canyon.

Outdoor solar showers are solar bags with shower heads or advanced fixtures designed to convert energy from the sun into hot water. These devices can hold and heat several gallons of water to ensure that you and your family have constant access to a warm shower whenever you need one.

The typical outdoor solar shower consists of collectors, a storage tank or insulated cistern, and shower heads.

How do Outdoor Solar Showers Work?

Solar showers

To take a quick shower with hot water, you only need to fill the bag with water and place where there is direct or indirect sunlight, depending on the type of solar water system.

But the underlying technology behind outdoor solar showers is a lining just beneath the surface of each unit. It has been designed with the ability to absorb light and quickly transform it into heat energy.

Covering the bag’s surface with a piece of glass will also concentrate the sun’s rays and make the solar shower bag even more efficient. Additionally, placing it on the floor while heating water reduces the heat capacity because the soil absorbs the energy generated.

A 2.5-gallon solar shower is the smallest option on the market. And 9.3-gallon capacity is one of the larger versions, but both are lightweight, portable to carry, and will boil water in under ten minutes.

Each solar shower bag for outdoor use has a flexible hose up to two feet long, a handheld shower head, and a variety of options regarding water tank capacity.

Types of Outdoor Solar Showers

After a long day of outdoor activities, sometimes all we need is a quick rinse with warm water. Luckily, a portable camping shower bag is a shower device you can bring with you anywhere.

Here are two types of showers that help narrow down your options:

Gravity-Fed Solar Showers

The name gives away the mechanism behind gravity-fed solar showers. They are hung upside down, and the heated water relies on gravity to rush out of the shower head.

The water pressure, however, reduces as the water level decreases.

Pressurized Solar Showers

Whereas pressurized solar showers rely on pressure to dispense water. Again, there are two main options in the market: one for your rooftop and the other more or less in a solar bag.

A rooftop pressurized solar shower is one of those outdoor shower fixtures that require a tank. While the other does not because the water is contained in a bag.

How to Choose Outdoor Solar Showers?

The Tank’s Capacity

The tank’s capacity is the amount of water each bag can hold, ranging between two and a half to ten gallons, or 40 liters of water.

Manufacturer’s Choice of Material

An outdoor solar shower will spend considerable time in the sun. Therefore, your best bet is a product made from high-quality materials. A UV-resistant PVC that protects the solar shower bag from heat damage is a pointer that indicates your manufacturer used superior materials.


You want a solar shower bag that will hang comfortably and securely when mounted. Most outdoor solar showers have been designed to hang from tree branches or structures that allow adequate sunlight to hit the bag.

Regardless, the last thing you want is a 5-gallon solar shower falling on you or smack on the ground when you least expect it.

Temperature Indicator

A solar shower can heat water to a temperature between 100°F and 133°F, or even higher. However, 120°F marks the maximum heat intensity your skin should be exposed to, so you want an outdoor solar shower that can measure water temperature.

The Best Outdoor Solar Showers for 2022

Without further ado, let’s explore the best solar portable showers for 2022:

1. KIPIDA Solar Shower Bag

Gone are the days when you had to choose between comfort and luxury and some time in nature. You couldn’t have both.

But now, many solar technology products help you maximize comfort and luxury for a fair price. For instance, KIPIDA solar shower bag is both portable and efficient and can be transported and used anywhere.

KIPIDA’s water capacity is 5 gallons, so this is an ideal purchase if you love to bathe with lots of water. It is bigger than many other options and checks many other things off our list.

You get the whole package – a rotatable shower nozzle, handy faucet, and a hose, all easily fitted into the shower bag.

What’s more, it has a temperature indicator and a shower head that allows you to control water flow. It is made from durable materials and will therefore offer longevity and ultimately become money well spent.

It is suitable for every type of user, and whether you are hunting, camping, backpacking, or enjoying any moment in nature, you can fold up the KIPIDA solar shower bag like a backpack.

The bag weighs under a pound and has a hanging strap to make transportation easier. Overall, it takes just a few hours to bring water to the boiling point.


  • Heats fast
  • Great storage capacity
  • Made with quality materials


  • Lacks an outlet valve

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2. Advanced Elements Summer Shower

Ready for the bath-on-the-go product of the day? Imagine a solar shower backpack that provides room for your soap, shampoo, and washcloth? How about a mirror?

But you know what would make that product better? The compact nature – roll up after use.

Advanced Elements Summer Shower is not just any solar shower; it strives to be different by employing a double-layer structure, reflector, and insulator panels, for optimized heat retention.

This means less time and even less energy will go into bathing.

Compared to many other products in the market, you can heat your 5-gallon bag to 110°F in less than three hours. Furthermore, a temperature gauge helps you clearly depict how hot your water is.

The body of the shower bag is made of plastic with a handle you can trust. It will remain stable while in use, and you can control the water output through the on and off shower head.

Another endearing feature of the Advanced Elements Summer Shower is the ease that precedes filling the bag. Twist off the valve and fill it with water and you’re good.

The best thing about this brand is the convenience it brings you. The idea is a mobile bathroom that harnesses solar power. Maybe you can eat your cake and have it after all.


  • Has a mesh pocket
  • See-through material
  • Has a temperature indicator


  • Takes three hours to heat water

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3. RISEPRO 10 Gallons/40L Solar Shower Bag

If you are not rushing to grab your own solar shower bag, it is probably because you have not fully grasped the concept. A solar shower bag is a portable system you can use to meet your outdoor hot water needs anywhere.

This disconnects you from the reliance on the national electricity grid. By far the best benefit, once you pay upfront for any solar-powered device, maintenance is all you need to enjoy your money’s worth.

RISEPRO’s 10-gallon-sized bags sell well to larger groups, as opposed to the 5-gallon units. But this one takes things a step further by employing four layers of reflectors and insulators to heat water quickly and efficiently.

It has a sleek and modern appearance that can also be rolled up for easier transportation. And you don’t need to buy a hose or shower head because they are already a part of the package.

Remember how important stability is? Well, we have chosen this brand for large water needs because their products are renowned for sporting high-quality materials. This gives you peace of mind when you hand the straps on a tree branch for your shower.

The shower bag is not just leak-proof; it is durable enough to withstand the sun’s harsh rays for as long as it takes to provide you with hot water and non-stop comfort.

What’s more, the hose is flexible so that you can use it for a host of other outdoor activities that require hot water.


  • See-through material
  • Lightweight and foldable
  • Heats fast


  • Lacks pockets

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4. PAOOTICI Portable Shower Bag

Arguably, one of the best things about spending time in nature is being able to perform your usual bathroom activities easily and conveniently.

These days, brands are striving to outdo each other, and we see it in the rapid improvement in the quality of products in the market.

A real-life example is PAOOTICI and the other portable power shower bags we have our sights on. Aside from saving the environment, and your pocket from a lifetime of energy bills, portable shower bags also offer you comfort and luxury.

There are several outlets where you can put everything you need for a satisfying shower outdoors. Compactness is another quality we have considered, and it is interesting how you can fold the already nearly weightless shower bag into an even smaller item.

Still on the improvements made, you can now safely have a hands-free hot water bath outdoors. The new model uses a double-buckle feature to make sure of this.

PAOOTICI used TPU material to make the shower bag; you can tell from how it feels that it won’t be spoiling anytime soon, even when you constantly expose it to sunlight.


  • Showerhead can be turned on and off
  • Double-buckle for security
  • High storage capacity


  • Heats water in three hours

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5. Sportneer Camping Shower Bag

PVC materials promise durability even when exposed to the sun’s rays. That is why companies that use it for their solar shower bags have no regrets. The customers are satisfied, the environment’s safety improves, and everyone’s happy.

If three hours is not too much time to wait for a bath, maybe Sportneer’s Camping Shower Bag is for you. When you get up in the morning, while preparing breakfast and doing other chores, you can set your water bag in direct sunlight. And with a temperature indicator, knowing when your hot water is set won’t be challenging.

The bag is large enough that you can take several showers with it.

And like the other solar shower bags on our list, this unit can be filled at the twist of the fitting cap. After enjoying your hot bath, roll up the bag into a tight little package and store it until you need it again.

The best part – the material is durable and trusted, so you can expect a long shelf life.

If you would also like to wash some clothes, there is a space in the bag. Like every other bathroom-on-the-go, this unit also has compartments for storing your toiletries safely.


  • Has a water outlet
  • High water storage capacity
  • Made with PVC material


  • Water is unsuitable for drinking

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So solar outdoor showers work?

Absolutely. Solar outdoor showers work through a photovoltaic cell system or a liquid that converts light energy into heat.

What size solar shower do I need?

Your personal preference determines how much you need, but on average, a five-gallon water tank capacity will suffice. That is 40 pounds of hot water.

Do solar showers work in winter?

Not as efficiently. But it mostly depends on how much sunlight is in the area. However, solar panels have more difficulty with drastic climate changes like winter.

Wrap Up

If a garden hose doesn’t cut it anymore, or you are looking for a budget-friendly upgrade, our top picks of the best outdoor solar showers will point you in the right direction.

Our personal favorite is the Sportneer Camping shower bag because it exudes comfort. It has a lovely modern design and is a reliable hot water supply source on the go. Decent water pressure is also an endearing feature; ask anyone who has used it to get an outdoor rinse.


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