How to Build a Free-Standing Pallet Wall

how to build a free standing pallet wall

Pallet walls that stand on their own are used as a divider or fencing in the backyard most of the time. If you know how to build a free-standing pallet wall, you can use the space in the vast room.

If you have a child, you will find that a free-standing pallet wall serves you in an exemplary manner. You can use a free-standing pallet wall for various purposes. These include constructing a fence, creating a free-standing exhibition wall, etc.

What exactly is meant by the term “free-standing pallet wall”?

wooden Free-Standing-Pallet

Pallets are a type of shipping and storage platform that contains planks of wood. The term “pallet wall” refers to a building erected for decoration and formed from pallets. If you have a few pallets, nails, a drill, a hammer, dowel rods, a screwdriver, screws, and time, you can construct a piece.

Free-standing pallet walls are a sort of wall that may be constructed in several various ways and used for several purposes. It can build the wall as a space divider, and you can also use it to surround an archway.

The flexibility with which you can arrange the pallets is another attractive feature of this product. You are free to position them at any height or angle so long as it is appropriate for the area in which they would be mounted.

Pallet walls are versatile enough for either indoors or outdoors. They are far more striking and contemporary in appearance than conventional timber frames. A pallet wall is considered free-standing if it does not need ceiling or floor support to remain upright.

What is the function of a free-standing pallet wall?

  • These walls are suitable for usage as both temporary and permanent partitions.
  • It is also possible to use it as a holder for posters.
  • It can function as a display wall, which you can use to display notices, information, restaurant menus, images, etc.
  • The pallets that make these walls are available for temporary barrier walls.
  • It can illuminate regions and decorate any occasion you can think of.

How to build a free-standing pallet wall

You can construct a free-standing pallet wall on your own or place an order for one online. In either case, it will need some of your time, and you will need to use specific tools to complete the assignment. The following stages are for making a free-standing pallet wall.

1. First, assemble all the needed equipment and materials.

When it comes to constructing a free-standing pallet wall, the following are some of the tools and materials that you will need to have on hand.

  • A Saw and 80-Grit Sandpaper
  • Hardware like Nuts, Bolts, and Screws
  • A Screwdriver and Some Pine Wood
  • Protective Sheet
  • An Electric Drill and Some Wood Glue
  • Shelving Feet, Wood Finish, and Pallets

2. The second step is measuring how long the free-standing pallet wall will be.

When you have finished gathering the necessary equipment and supplies, the next step is to figure out the dimensions of the wall. In most cases, the height of entrances and pallet walls that are free-standing are constructed in the same manner. If you believe that a longer length would not be beneficial, there is no reason to make it larger.

After completing the initial step of measuring the height, you should use a handsaw to trim a couple of pieces of wood. To construct the bottom and top plates, you will need to cut two pieces of pinewood into separate parts.

3. In the third step, you should install a few studs, and the edges of the woods should be rounded off.

Position the plates in such a way that they are side by side. Place a few studs, being careful to leave a minimum of 15 inches of space between each one. At this point, you need to tally the total number of studs you intend to insert.

Given these numbers, you will need to perform the necessary reductions. You need sandpaper to get rid of any burrs that may be present in the pieces of wood. Sandpaper with an 80-grit grit rating should work fine when it concerns smoothing down the wood pieces.

4. Drill and Make Holes for Screws in the Plates.

Now, along with the drill bit measuring 1/16 inches, you will need an electric drill. You will need to drill holes for the studs in your previously marked locations. When assembling the frame, make sure that the plates are placed such that the edge of the plate with the most surface area is on the top of the frame.

Drill two holes into each stud so that you may later secure things to them with screws. After that, apply a thin layer of wood adhesive on the studs, and then repeat this step for each stud markings. Along with the previous step, you will have to attach a screw tip.

5. The next step is to arrange the pallets.

First, remove one of the two plates from the stack so you may use it as the baseplate for the free-standing pallet wall. Next, position a paneling sheet on top of the studs using one of the sheets of paneling. You will need to use a utility knife to remove any extra paneling that may be present after completing the previous steps.

Now comes the part where you have to organize the pallets so that you may construct the free-standing pallet wall. The difficulty lies in where to place the pallets and put them in order. When it concerns arranging the pallets, you will need bolts that are three inches long and a hammer to drive the bolts into the pallets.

6. Double the width and height dimensions.

It is possible to use a free-standing Pallet Wall as a fence. You will need to expand the dimensions of the entire free-standing pallet wall. You will need to extend the pallet wall in height and width to accommodate your needs. For those times when you want to enjoy your backyard or hot tub in peace, a privacy fence can help.

7. Adorn the Pallet Wall with Various Items

You can also decorate the pallet wall by adding a few small touches and painting it. Both of these can happen at the same time. If you plan to do so, the color you choose for painting the pallet wall must go well with the rest of the room.

You may use the pallet wall as an exhibition wall all by yourself. You will need to add a few more shelves or niches to the wall so that you can exhibit various ornaments and jewel boxes.

You might create a wall with a theme for your party, making it stand out from others. It would look great if you printed out some images of your friends and family and hung them on the wall.

The advantages of utilizing a free-standing pallet wall

Pallet Wood Planter Wall Decor

Utilizing a free-standing pallet wall can provide you with a variety of benefits, some of which include the following.

The structural integrity of pallets makes them ideal for use as retaining walls in gardens. A pallet wall that is free-standing on its own is solid. Because of this, it is an excellent choice for many applications. These include dividing rooms, concealing an unattractive surface, or even serving as a section in an office.

They are simple to operate and quick to set up. Installing a free-standing pallet wall is quite simple. You do not need any cumbersome machinery or other significant equipment to assist you in doing so.

They do not cost much. When compared to other kinds of walls that you may put up around your house or workplace, the cost of a pallet wall that is free-standing is low. You can assemble one by using old pallets that you might have lying around. You can buy one that is already pre-cut and assembled on the internet if that is more convenient for you.

You can put them to use as ornamentation. They are also excellent for decorating. You can use them to spruce up your doors and windows.


In conclusion, a free-standing pallet wall is an excellent addition to any location. It offers you a variety of benefits. It takes minimal effort to construct, and you can use various materials. It is impossible to understate the benefits that it provides.


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