Outdoor Shower with Hot Water: The Top Picks for 2024

outdoor shower with hot water

Something as simple, or magnificent if you so desire, as an outdoor shower with hot water, can improve your mood, heal your muscles, make your chores more bearable, and generally ease your stress.

But privacy and pocket-friendliness are the biggest concerns when choosing the ideal unit. Luckily, the market is expanding to provide more options for every lover of comfort, luxury, and fair prices.

However, you will want to know the theoretical aspect before installing an outdoor hot water heater. This article begins with the types of outdoor shower units with hot water, proceeds to factors to consider when choosing and building one, and ends with some of our favorites in the market.

There will be many options, with at least one guaranteeing to satisfy your needs, so stick around!

Types of Outdoor Shower Units with Hot Water

outdoor shower in nature

When shopping for outdoor shower fixtures for outdoor spaces, there are enough options in the market to overwhelm a first-time buyer. However, you can streamline it to your taste and requirements.

To enjoy an open-air shower with a continuous flow of hot water supply, you technically need only three components. These include the shower head, a solid base, and a water heater. What’s more, you can make it a solar shower just by attaching a solar roof, thereby saving money in the long run.

Wall-Mounted Showers

For additional privacy, many people opt for wall-mounted showers. This structure is characterized by an outdoor shower enclosure to which the outdoor shower fixtures will be attached.

They are a little on the permanent side and can be custom-made to include any functional option you desire.

Portable Showers

Portable showers consist of a shower hose, handheld showerhead, and a portable heater that holds several gallons of water. Most importantly, they make it possible to take a hot shower anywhere, on demand.

Ideal for a quick rinse when hiking or backpacking, or even outside your home. But even better for camping showers.

Freestanding Showers

The name already suggests what freestanding showers are – one of those outdoor shower designs that can everyone loves because of how easy it is to install them. You only need to create a shower enclosure for privacy and consider the shower drainage.

Here is the upside – you do not need complex drainage systems to enjoy a hot water shower with these units.

How to Choose the Best Shower for Hot Water Outdoor Needs

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An indoor shower is not the only way to enjoy warm water on a cool or cold day – you can do it in nature too. However, some important considerations help you make the best financial decisions for outdoor hot water needs:

Your Privacy

Unless your outdoor shower and hot water needs are reserved for camping and nature alone, you will want to provide some sort of protective cover for your structure. But again, if you erect the structure in a secluded space away from external view, using a freestanding shower will not be a problem.

You can create a small shower enclosure made of wood or other rust-resistant material like bronze or copper. In all, remember that a shower curtain will increase privacy, and it is pretty affordable and available in a variety of options and sizes.

The Materials

If you are choosing to install a permanent outdoor option, stainless steel construction or stainless steel hardware is one of your best bets. It can be used for the exterior wall, outdoor water faucet, and other components that will either be exposed to the sun or long-term contact with water.

Decking materials like Brazilian ironwood, cedar, teak, or pressure-treated wood are best for the shower floor. However, they require maintenance to prevent mold and mildew buildup.

Alternatively, you can use stone floors; but these are not nearly as comfortable as other options.

The Location

The location is determined by the amount of free space in your home, gray water disposal policies, plumbing considerations, and what you will mainly use it for.

For instance, you can erect the shower structure near your back door so that muddy feet and sandy feet will get cleaned without messing up the home. And if you have a pool, a location that is not too far away is more convenient.

The Purpose

Ask anyone why they would invest in an outdoor shower with hot water; their reasons will revolve around comfort, aesthetics, and functionality. These should also dictate the type you choose.

If aesthetics is the primary concern, there are custom-made options with all the bells and whistles. Conversely, a simple structure will meet basic outdoor shower needs, and you will pay less.

Top Picks for Outdoor Shower with Hot Water

The outdoor shower unit you choose will make or mar your experience with the installation process and the part where you reap the benefits of your investment. In other words, there are way too many options in the market, so let’s be your guide.

We have drawn up this list, especially for environmentally sensitive lovers of comfort:


Unmitigated access to hot water previously used to be a luxury. But now, many products will help you enjoy a warm bath anywhere.

A flexible hose, five-foot-long, can help you maximize your outdoor experience, truly. Whether you are taking a bath in nature, washing your pets, or rinsing off after a rigorous exercise, the simple hose-fed shower with decent water pressure will dispense the right hot water temperature. And your muscles will thank you.

CAMPLUX’s version of a portable outdoor shower works with a pair of D cell batteries, so you don’t have to worry about electrical sparks or fire hazards.

It weighs ten pounds, so you can carry it anywhere or attach it to a suitable portion of your yard. A portable handle has also been created to make hanging or placement easier and less constrained.

If you leave it outside all year long, the anti-freeze functionality has you covered. And on a normal day, you will get the water heated to a temperature between 46.4°F to 114.8°F. This is one of those tankless water heaters that can also be used indoors with adequate ventilation and plumbing.

This CAMPLUX unit gives you hot water immediately, so you can quickly hose down anytime the sun is out.


  • Portable
  • User-friendly
  • Instant hot water


  • Uses British Standard Pipe (Parallel) or BSPP

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2. Tankless Water Heater, GASLAND Outdoors

There is no doubt that the world is moving towards less energy consumption. Everyone benefits from lower energy consumption – the environment, government, manufacturers, and you.

This is why the GASLAND brand made it to our list – reduce your energy consumption by a whopping 11.5%. Yes, it uses gas to heat water instantly, but the need to reduce carbon emissions is still being met.

A technology unique to the brand alone is responsible for increasing the efficiency of the gas burner without exposing you to any fire or combustion hazard. However, as with all gas-powered devices, you must also keep it away from flammable materials.

Furthermore, it is a portable device that you can bring anywhere. And you know that not-so-welcome burning noise gas makes, you won’t hear it either.

Get hot water instantly and enjoy your bath or outdoor water needs with the five-foot-long flexible hose. If you purchase this unit, however, make a mental note always to turn off the gas after use.


  • Easy to set up
  • Saves energy
  • Noiseless machine


  • Unstable filter

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3. Foruee Propane Tankless Water Heater

 Propane is a great alternative energy source. It does not harm the environment upon contact, and neither does it smell or stain things.

For this purpose and more, we have added a portable propane water heater to our list. This product offers you five liters of instant hot water, and maintenance will not be a hassle.

This is the full package because you get a dust cover, gas regulator, stainless steel hose and shower holder, and connectors for your garden hose. One of the reasons you will like the Foruee propane tankless water heater is that the brand provides everything you would need to enjoy a bath outside.

Well, except the D cell batteries for the ignition.

We particularly love the extra mile that has been taken to ensure that the propane tankless water heater does not overheat or expose you to flameout situations. This is another reason for its compact design – the less the surface area, the lower the amount of heat gathered.

Trust that we did not forget about the winter. The brand also adds an anti-freeze feature that comes in handy if you love to travel in winter. Alternatively, you can leave the tankless water heater outdoors during the cold days, and there will be no regrets.


  • Complete accessories
  • Excellent pressure startup
  • Multiple safety and protection technologies


  • No D cell batteries included

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4. Hotaitai Portable Propane Tankless Water Heater

Although equipment maintenance is essential for longevity, some always skip our minds. If you are the type that can also forget your propane tankless water heater outdoor because you have not used it in a while, Hotaitai will not disappoint you.

Get this – its anti-freeze protection is advanced in that it automatically removes any liquid, i.e., water, that can make the components freeze. If this forgetfulness leads you to abandon your water heater for too long, another automatic feature turns it off when it attains 167°F to prevent overheating.

Instant hot water is arguably better and incentivizes people to buy outdoor showers with hot water. On-demand, the Hotaitai Portable Propane Tankless water heater will instantly release water boiled to your desired temperature through the shower head.

Named Portable for a reason, the instant hot-water machine weighs 12 pounds. It will fit nicely into the trunk of your vehicle for any outdoor trip and road showers you may need.

The brand has also considered user-friendliness for the installation; follow the instructions in the manual. Furthermore, you need a pair of D cell batteries to ignite the device, and the brand does not include them in its accessories kit.

There are some things to pay attention to, such as how you handle the device.

First, turn off the gas after use. Additionally, the water pressure must be set above 2.5 PSI for the heater to function.


  • Anti-freeze technology
  • CSA-approved gas fittings
  • Adjustable heat and water flow


  • No D cell batteries included

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5. VIVOHOME 10L Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater

Although solar technology provides the best energy alternative for the environment, gas and crude oil by-products like propane can be optimized for sustainability.

Advanced combustion technologies are also being explored alongside the emerging solar energy tech, and here is one tankless water heater that already employs the technology.

This is part of what allows the VIVOHOME 10L Outdoor Portable Propane Tankless Water Heater to produce hot water instantly, at the flip of a button.

Since maximum safety is no joke, the device will not overheat even after several hours of service. There is also no fire hazard or risk of electrocution.

Regardless of how cold it is, leaving your shower outdoors will not disturb any of its internal components. Instead, it will activate the anti-freeze feature to prevent any damage from the weather.

With gas-powered gadgets, flameouts should also be taken seriously. However, VIVOHOME guarantees your safety even when you use the heater indoors.

Still on automatic functionalities, energy is further saved, and accidents are prevented by the device’s ability to go on and off according to temperature changes.

And speaking of temperatures, you get to decide what you want.


  • No combustion noise
  • Instant hot water
  • Anti-dry and anti-freeze protection


  • May use excess propane

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Can an outdoor shower have hot water?

An outdoor shower can be customized to give you any temperature of water you want. In many cases, you can even combine hot and cold water features.

How much does it cost to build outdoor shower?

It depends on the type you are choosing, the bells and whistles, quality, and additional custom-features. But in the real sense of it, building an outdoor shower is not as expensive as people believe.

Is a 10 gallon water heater enough for a shower?

Of course. A 10-gallon water is more than enough for a hot shower.

Wrap Up

The Hotaitai Portable Propane Tankless Water Heater impressed us the most when we reviewed the best outdoor showers with hot water. What’s not to love about its portable and sleek design, environmentally sustainable energy source, and user-friendliness?

Creating an outdoor shower with hot water is a straightforward process that is surprisingly more affordable than you’d expect. Which would you choose from our top picks?


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